JGB Custom Homes has started 2 new custom home projects in Central Austin.  Both projects are Bungalow style homes that blend in with the surrounding neighbors homes.  The homes will be extremely efficient and will likely recieve a five star green rating from Austin Energy.  Please check back soon on Facebook for progress photos.

JGB Custom Homes is growing.  Cole Robinson has been hired as a Project Assistant.  His job will be to help manage subcontractors and suppliers, maintain clean jobsites, and assist Jake Badger with day to day job-site operations.  

JGB Custom Homes has started a complete interior renovation in Hyde Park.  The home will be completely gutted and rebuilt from the inside.  Progress photos will be posted soon.

JGB Custom Homes is rebuilding another classic bungalow in Zilker.  The original house was in disrepair but the house worked for the owners.  Stuart Sampley designed an updated version with some improvements.  The new home from the street will look very similar to the original but looks can be decieving.  The home is getting extensive performance enhancments and will recieve a high rating from Austin Energy.  

JGB Custom Homes is demolishing two homes in the Zilker area.  One new home will be put in their place.  The new home will be rated by Austin Energy green building program and should receive a very high rating.  This project is designed by Stuart Sampley.  Photos of progress will be posted to the projects page soon.

JGB Custom Homes has started remodeling an outdated house on Shoal Creek Blvd.  We have removed a few interior walls, part of the roof, and started framing a new upstairs addition to accomodate a growing family.  It will be rated with Austin Energy and will likely receive a coveted 5 Star Rating.  Many of our recent projects are receiving a five star rating due to good design work and smart building techniques.  Look for progress photos to be posted to the projects page soon.

JGB Custom Homes is now using Buildertrend, a scheduling and job-site management software system.

JGB Custom Homes project featured in The Austin American Statesman:

‎5 Star Rated Moontower House was selected for the 2011 AIA Tour!

JGB Custom Homes is updating the pool area at Hunters Point on lake Travis. If you spend any time on Lake Travis you might recognize it. Photos coming soon.